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perforated felt divider screens for open plan offices
Product Focus - Perforated felt panel blinds for office dividers
20th Sep 2018
 Decor 850 Panel blinds used to create dividers in open plan offices.Decor 850 Panel blinds are perfect for dividing up open plan office s …
Consideration Factors When Purchasing Commercial Blinds
13th Sep 2018
Choosing blinds for your office or commercial building is something that quite often goes overlooked, despite the fact that it can be a cost-effective way to increas …
acoustic blinds london
Acoustic Blinds and Shades for Offices and Commercial Buildings: Everything You Need to Know
24th Aug 2018
What’s the Purpose of Acoustic Blinds?A recent survey found that only 30% of people are happy with the noise levels in their office. An open plan workplace c …
Black is Back - new black accessories range for roller blinds to match black trends.
17th Aug 2018
Black is certainly back with a vengeance, for the fixtures and fittings in todays workspaces.  Whether it's on crisp Crittall style partitions, slim shelvi …
Recycled Eco-friendly Roller Blinds And Shades For Offices
31st Jul 2018
Why should businesses be using recycled eco-friendly office blinds?The growth of plastic waste in the oceans over recent years has been …
New blackout fabric - Decor Cameo
12th Jul 2018
We're delighted to welcome Cameo to our growing range of blackout fabrics.  Decor Cameo is a premium blackout fabric with a fine textured basketweave face.  …
Choosing colours for office blinds
27th Jun 2018
The #1 reason why your office blinds are not controlling glare...and how to fix it.When working with office fit-out projects, we see a lot of specifications which …
Midlands PF2 Completed
30th Aug 2017
This summer marks the completion of the Midlands PF2 schools projects.  Decor Systems have installed nearly 1000 of their robust Decor 260 mono control venetian …
The benefits of metallised window blind fabrics
8th Jan 2017
What are metallised window blind fabrics? They are woven blind fabrics which have a layer of aluminium foil bonded to the outward facing side by a high-t …
New fabric - Decor Soprano
2nd Jan 2017
New Fabric - Decor Soprano 26th Oct 2016 We are pleased to launch the new Decor Soprano fabric. This is a superior translucent fabric with a soft handle, made from 1 …