Manufacturer's Warranty

Conditions of Decor Systems Standard Warranty:
I. DECOR SYSTEMS warrants that the products under the DECOR SYSTEMS brand that were manufactured for DECOR SYSTEMS after 1st January 2010 shall be free and clear of material, manufacturing, design and functional defects. In assessing whether a product is defective, the technical standard as at the date of manufacture of the product shall be used as a basis.
II. Defects that occur shall be rectified by DECOR SYSTEMS at its own expense by way of – at DECOR SYSTEMS's discretion – repair or replacement of new products.
III. The repair or exchange of a new product shall – at DECOR SYSTEMS's discretion – be performed either by a qualified specialist fitter or a DECOR SYSTEMS service employee.
IV. A defective product shall be exchanged by way of free delivery and installation of a new product of the same kind, same quality and same type. Should the defective product no longer be manufactured at the time of the warranty event, DECOR SYSTEMS may deliver a product of the same value or DECOR SYSTEMS shall be entitled to refund the price of the defective portion of the goods in the event that such price shall have already been paid.
V. Following the exchange, title in the defective products shall pass to DECOR SYSTEMS.
VI. DECOR SYSTEMS shall assume the costs for any transport of the product in either direction.
VII. The warranty provides for replacement parts and associated labour for 3 years caused by a failure of the product except where such failure is due to operator misuse, vandalism or accidental damage by any party. The warranty is valid only if the user follows all guidance for operation and maintenance set out in the relevant Operation and Maintenance Document. A further 2 years warranty provides for parts only to a maximum of 5 years in total.
VIII. The DECOR SYSTEMS MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY shall apply for a period of 5 years commencing from the date of purchase of the DECOR SYSTEMS product by the end consumer. The warranty shall be granted for a maximum period of 6 years from the date of manufacture of the product, subject to the period of 5 years commencing from the date of purchase.
IX. The warranty period shall not be extended by any repair work authorised by DECOR SYSTEMS or exchange of the product or parts, nor shall it commence to run anew. The same shall apply if these warranty terms and conditions are enclosed with the replacement product.
X. A prerequisite for a warranty claim shall be the submission of the original invoice with the purchase date, which must clearly indicate the name and address of the seller and the place of purchase.
XI. Moreover, claims under this warranty shall vest only if the product is properly installed and mounted. This shall apply irrespective of whether installation is performed by a qualified specialist fitter or whether the end consumer installs and mounts the product himself/itself. In any event, the technical product information issued by DECOR SYSTEMS and the technical data sheets must be complied with during installation of the product.
XII. Moreover, in order to claim the DECOR SYSTEMS MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY the product must be duly and properly cleaned and cared for in accordance with the DECOR SYSTEMS care instructions.
XIII. Claims may not be asserted under the warranty:
a. − if the product was not properly installed, cleaned, maintained or repaired.
b. − if the defect is attributable to incorrect use or incorrect handling of the product;
c. − if the defect occurs due to missing or incorrect maintenance;
d. − if spare parts other than original DECOR SYSTEMS spare parts are used during repairs or maintenance of the product;
e. − if the defect was caused by transport, installation or any trial operation of the product;
f. − if the defect occurs due to aggressive environmental influences (e.g. chemicals or cleaning agents)
g. − if the defect is attributable to wilful or negligent damage to the product by the end consumer or a third party.
XIV. DECOR SYSTEMS will review in each specific case whether the warranty prerequisites have been met and whether there are any grounds for exclusion. Should warranty claims be asserted and should it emerge during an inspection of the product by DECOR SYSTEMS that there was no defect or there is no warranty claim for one of the aforementioned reasons, DECOR SYSTEMS may charge a service fee of £ 85.00 plus VAT unless the end consumer proves that they could not have ascertained based on the circumstances that there was no warranty claim.