Architects, designers and developers will find a comprehensive range of fashionable window furnishing products backed up by unrivalled technical knowledge and project experience.


In any development a huge amount of thought and effort goes into façade design.  After all, this is the most visible part of the building, that all-important first impression.  But all too often this painstaking effort is spoiled by untidy window blinds…

So what's the solution?

Acovo - Silence in Motion

Acovo® is an automated roller blind system of a very special kind. Born from a desire to create an incredibly quiet, perfectly aligned, fully integrated intelligent shading system. As the flagship of Decor Systems fleet, Acovo® is reserved for those extra special projects which deserve the very best.

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Perimeos® Ceiling Recess

Everyone agrees that good blinds and curtain tracks should be hidden. Designers are creating visually stunning ceilings where the window furnishing hardware is neatly concealed in a recess.  But detailing this in a gorgeous CGI roomshot and actually constructing it are two entirely different things.

Until Perimeos...

Woven Ideas

Fabric is the most important element of any window furnishing.  Texture, opacity, colour and thickness of a fabric has a profound influence on the ambience of a space.  So designers need choice, real choice, wide choice.  Here it is.  Woven Ideas -   a collection of fabric collections. 


Partners in design

Decor Systems prime objective is to provide architects and interior designers with the broadest range of high quality blinds and curtains. Decor Systems aims to support that range with a world-leading technical resource using brochures, technical data, BIM objects, NBS specifications, fabric swatches, hardware libraries and project photos.

In addition to our online resource we have consultants with over 20 years experience in commercial window furnishing and shading.

Development of a range blinds, curtains and tracks of this calibre has necessarily led to innovative and cutting-edge products. If you're looking to design true form and function into your project then you can select Decor Systems products with confidence that you are using the most advanced blinds and curtains globally.

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The Plimsoll Building is an exceptional 255 unit residential development at the heart of the Kings Cross redevelopment scheme.  The 13 storey building also incorporates the Kings Cross Academy school.

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Plimsoll Building, Kings Cross