SyncroShade® multi-stop chain operated roller blind

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All Lined Up

It seems a shame that blinds left at random positions should detract from a stunning façade.  Why can’t adjacent blinds align with each other?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to define a perfect outward aesthetic where the blinds complement the structure’s own natural lines?  That’s what makes the patented SyncroShade® so special.  It is a manual chain operated roller blind with an ingenious brake which only allows it to stop in pre-defined positions.

Like Clockwork

Inspired by fine watchmaking skills the perfectly balanced, smooth-running feel of SyncroShade® is created from a combination of the best materials and expert craftsmanship.

A Fine Balance

The largest blinds are a dream to operate thanks to the innovative counterbalanced system at the heart of every SyncroShade® blind.  And the blinds can be lowered with a one-touch operation, simply release the brake and walk away.

Verde Building SW1

When a leading financial advisory company took a floor in the recently completed Verde Building in SW1, Decor Systems were appointed  to provide their SyncroShade® blind system.  The SyncroShade® is a unique manual roller blind with built-in preset stopping positions, which makes it easy to line up your blinds for an im...

Verde Building SW1