Important Child Safety Update

16th Feb 2016

Everyone involved in buying or specifying window blinds is responsible to ensure the blinds are safe.  The risk of child strangulation from looped blind cords and chains has recently attracted the attention of RoSPA and the Government Minister for Consumer affairs, following several tragic deaths.  New requirements in the form of an updated BS EN 13120 standard are now in force.

If you are responsible for health and safety in a building to which children aged 0-42 months may have access, then you are obliged to only install products that meet the new BS EN 13120.  Please get in touch to see how we can help.

All new blinds with cords or loops must be fitted with safety devices, and the cords shortened to leave them at least 1.5m off the floor.

Decor Systems provide free cord safety devices with all new blinds.  However, we strongly recommend specifiers should consider a cord-free product.  Bear in mind that cord safety devices can be tampered with or removed by users – the only way to guarantee total safety is to use cord-free products.

For more information visit the BBSA Child Safety webpage or watch their videos here