Blind Fabrics - Blackout

Blackout fabrics are totally opaque. Available in various materials, colours and coatings, they all share the common property of zero light transmittance. Suited to applications which require light exclusion such as conference rooms or bedrooms.

Alfresco Blackout

Decor Alfresco Blackout is a premium blackout fabric which complements the Alfresco screen fabric range, with a matching basketweave face. The fabric has a blackout coating on the rear which gives zero light transmittance in all colourways.
The woven structure is very strong making it especially suited to tensioned blinds and EdgeFast&tr...

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Cameo is a premium blackout blind fabric with a fine basketweave face. The rear of the fabric is laminated with a white acrylic layer for total light block.

The basketweave face structure gives excellent stability making it suitable for the largest blinds. Compatible with EdgeFast™ blackout systems, the acrylic coated...

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Mystique is a blackout fabric with zero light transmittance. With 20 new colours there has never been a blackout fabric with such an advanced colour spectrum - 42 fashionable, bold colours for the designer who needs to make a statement.

The cloth-texture face of mystique is its greatest asset. Unlike conventional PVC blackout material...

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Nebula is a woven polyester blackout blind fabric with a textured fabric face. The fabric is coated on the rear to make it completely opaque, for maximum light control and privacy.
The choice of 10 face colours all come with a white reverse for maximum heat reflection and uniform appearance.  Available in widths of up to 3m, this fa...

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Nexus is a beautifully soft blackout fabric with a finely woven Trevira CS face and a totally opaque white coated reverse. Perfect for applications requiring maximum light exclusion.

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Tempest is a well proven solution to locations where light management is a priority. The 3-ply laminated fabric has zero light transmittance, making it the fabric of choice in laboratories, darkrooms and studios.
Both water-resistant and wipeable, Tempest is also suited to moist environments such as kitchens and washrooms. Internal fibre...

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Zodiac is a high quality blackout blind fabric with a textured fabric face. This completely opaque fabric is particularly suited to situations requiring total light management such as meeting rooms and bedrooms.
The blend 23 of subtle and vibrant colours all come with a matt white reverse. As well as giving good heat reflectance, the whi...

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