Acovo Intelligent Roller Shade

The ultimate blind.  What sets Acovo® roller blinds apart is the incredibly quiet motors.  The blind of choice for prestigious commercial and luxury residential projects. Unlike conventional motorised blinds, Acovo® blinds communicate with each other to ensure they are all perfectly aligned, regardless of where they stop.  Available with wired and wireless control systems which are scaleable according to your needs, from a single blind to BMS driven whole-building control.  They can be combined with a sun-tracking software to harvest natural daylight, adjusting to the optimum position for user comfort whilst saving you money on lighting and cooling.  Fabricated in the UK and individually registered with a 10 year warranty, you can have the peace of mind you are getting the very best there is.

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    Acovo Intelligent Roller Shade

    Top Profiles

    Without Trim

    Neatly conceals the roller and brackets, and closes the light-gap between the blind and the ceiling

    Perimeos Recessed

    Recesses the entire blind into a ceiling for ultimate concealment.

    Perimeos Exposed

    Fully encloses the blind for all round protection from dust and dirt

    Side Guides and Channels

    Without Guides
    Wire Guides

    Discreet and cost-effective tensioned stainless steel cable.

    Side Channels

    For enhanced light exclusion use side channels.

    Hem Bar Styles

    Round Profile

    Stylish tubular aluminium profile for a contemporary look.


    Minimalist look with a rigid weight bar concealed within a fabric pocket.

    Hem Bar Finishes

    Silver Anodised

    Cool and contemporary.

    White Powdercoated

    Clean and clinical.

    Custom RAL Powdercoated

    Colourful and coordinated.


    Sloping Cill

    The fabric is cut at an angle. Note only the rectangular portion of the blind can be retracted.

    Multiple linked

    A single control operates two or more blinds.

    Standard Roll

    Conventional configuration. Fabric rolls off the rear of the roller, closest to the glazing.

    Reverse Roll

    Fabric rolls off the front of the roller, giving extra clearance for window handles or other obstructions.

    Bottom up

    Blind draws up from the cill. Only available with cord or motorised operation.