decor 395 Maxi Atria Roller Blind

The decor 395 is specially designed for large areas of horizontal or sloping glazing like skylights and atria. A superbly engineered tensioned roller blind system, it can draw across horizontally, up vertically, or any angle in between. When combined with fabric support rollers, it can even shade a curved roof, and cover a massive 60 square metres with a single unit.

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    decor 395 Maxi Atria Roller Blind
    Hard Wired

    Classic wall mounted switch as standard for ultimate simplicity and reliability.


    Available as hand held or wall mounted, the wireless control minimises the amount of cabling, making it ideal for retro-fit situations.

    Dry contact

    For integrating with BMS or Audio-Visual systems, use a dry contact interface.



    Intermediate Fabric Support

    To prevent fabric sagging on draw of over 3 metres, can also be used to change direction by up to 45 degrees, or curving roof applications..

    Wire Guides

    Stainless steel guide enables wider blinds by supporting the hem bar. Cannot be used where Intermediate Fabric Supports are required.


    Aluminium profile neatly conceals roller and brackets from beneath, and closes the light gap behind the roller.

    Hardware Finishes

    White Powdercoated

    Clean and clinical

    Custom RAL Powdercoated

    Colourful and coordinated

    System Type

    Single roller

    On this configuration, the tension cable spools are mounted on the same roller as the fabric. Suitable for blinds of up to 6.5 metre draw.

    Twin Roller

    For blinds with over 6.5 metre draw a twin roller system is used, with one roller for the fabric and a second to take up the tension cables.



    The fabric is cut at an angle on one edge. The end has a minimum of 300mm flat.


    The fabric is cut at an angle on both edges.

    Bottom up

    Blind draws upwards from the bottom.


    Intermediate fabric supports are used to change direction by up to 45 degrees per support.