decor 680 Premier Curtain Track

The decor 680 premier curtain track is a very versatile system offering both hand drawn and motorised operation. It can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended making it the perfect curtain track for discerning interior designers.

Hand drawn
A sturdy aluminium profile coupled with wheeled gliders make drawing even the largest and heaviest curtains a very smooth and effortless experience.

The motorised version represents the latest in advanced motor and track design. This highly capable system is distinguished by the ultra-quiet motor and innovative electronic controls which allow you to make the curtain open or close by simply pulling on the leading edge.

Both hand drawn and motorised versions are available with ripple gliders for wave style curtains.

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    decor 680 Premier Curtain Track
    Manual Hand Drawn

    Smooth running hand drawn curtain track even with the heavist of curtains.


    Highly capable system due to the ultra-quiet motor and innovative electric controls.


    Mounting Options

    Top Fixed

    Top fix brackets every 500mm attach the track securely to a ceiling or window head.


    For an exposed soffit situation, the track can be suspended on M10 studding.


    For the ultimate low profile look, combine with Perimeos carrier profile for a track recessed flush with the ceiling

    Hardware Finishes

    White Powdercoated

    Clean and clinical.

    Custom RAL Powdercoated

    Colourful and coordinated.

    Glider Types

    Standard Roller Wheel

    Gliders with roller wheels for smooth quiet curtain movement. These gliders suit traditional pencil pleat and pinch pleat curtain headings.

    Ripple Gliders

    These gliders are linked together and designed to be used with special Ripple curtain headings, to create even ripples in the curtain for a crisp contemporary look.

    Motor Position

    Below Track

    Standard Configuration, for easy access and wiring. The motor is hidden behind the curtain.

    Above Track

    Suitable for false ceilings, the motor is completely concealed.  Only available with hard wired and dry contact control.



    Standard configuration with maximum track length of 10m.


    1 or 2 bends up to 90° angle, with a minimum radius of 300mm.


    A continuous curve with a minimum radius of 3000mm.

    One Way Draw

    Entire curtain draws to one side.

    Split Draw

    Curtain splits into two equal stacks.

    Control Types

    Hard Wired

    Classic wall mounted switch as standard for ultimate simplicity and reliability.

    Wireless control

    Available as hand held or wall mounted, the wireless control minimises the amount of cabling, making it ideal for retro-fit situations.

    Dry contact input

    For integrating with BMS or Audio-Visual systems, the dry contact input accepts low-voltage signals to control the track.