Abraham Darby Academy

Named after the famous iron maker and engineer in nearby Coalbrookdale, Abraham Darby Academy was designed as a cutting edge educational facility which included a primary school, secondary school, NHS facility and leisure centre.

The client chose decor 370 roller blinds with child-safe crank operation as a robust solution to shading needs.  The detachable magnetic operating handle can be removed to prevent unauthorised persons from meddling with the blinds. 

Decor Tempest fabric was selected for all blinds as it is wipe-clean and provides sufficient light control for using interactive whiteboards and projectors. 

Laboratories were fitted with the decor 560 fully channelled blackout blinds, again with detachable magnetic operating handles.

One highlight of the project was the 5 metre diameter circular roof light in the Drama room.  Decor Systems designed a custom roof blind which spanned the entire width, and retracted to leave a completely clear opening.

Client: Abraham Darby Academy / Telford and Wrekin Council