Blue Light Partnership

Blue Light Partnership is responsible for delivering state of the art energy-efficient police facilities across several sites in Avon and Somerset. So when it came to choosing window shading with superior energy saving properties on tried and tested hardware, Decor Systems products were an obvious choice. Decor 370 Revolution II roller blinds had been used with great success at a police station in the North East so these were suggested by the architect for all three locations on this scheme. A total of over 300 blinds were installed; using decor Arctic sunscreen material in a variety of openess factors. In addition a number of decor 560 fully channelled blackout blinds were installed for complete room darkening.

A further challenge was raised during the project - how to neatly close the gap between the floor slab and the curtain walling, at the same time as concealing the roller blinds for a seamless finish. Decor Systems designed and manufactured a bespoke two-part aluminium trim, which cleverly closed the gap and concelaed the blinds without any visible fixings.