Recycled Eco-friendly Roller Blinds And Shades For Offices

31st Jul 2018

Why should businesses be using recycled eco-friendly office blinds?

The growth of plastic waste in the oceans over recent years has been huge. This has resulted in an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans every year with devastating effects on marine life. Animals such as sea turtles, whales and birds are getting entangled in plastic debris. Many creatures are mistaking fragments of plastic as food which is often found in their stomachs and may be resulting in plastic entering the human food chain.

At Decor we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why our brand new, eco-friendly Decor Neptune Blind Fabric won’t cost the earth!

How do we create environmentally friendly roller blinds for offices and the commercial sector?

The plastic waste we see floating on the ocean’s surface is very small compared to the shocking 94% of plastic that ends up on the sea bed. An estimated 70 kg of plastic is in each square kilometre of the ocean floor. With the help of 400 fishing boats and 1500 fishermen from the Spanish Mediterranean coast, plastic waste is recovered from the bottom of the ocean every day and recycled into fine yarns.

These yarns are then included in our innovative Neptune fabric which contains 6 plastic drinks bottles per square metre of fabric. Not only does this help to clean our seas but the 100% recycled PET also uses 75% less CO2 emissions, making it the perfect blind fabric for environmentally responsible organisations.

The best eco-friendly roller blinds for offices in the UK?

Decor Neptune is a sunscreen blind fabric made entirely from recycled plastic waste collected from our oceans. With a choice of three openness factors and 10 neutral colourways this environmentally friendly blind fabric allows you to select the optimum shading levels for your office.

Neptune is also ideal when it comes to improving concentration and productivity in an open plan office with the 1% version providing excellent acoustic absorption. With several certifications such as cradle to cradle bronze certification and Greenguard Gold standard with low VOC emission for best indoor air quality, this truly is a fabric that won’t cost the earth!

Want to take the next step in creating an eco-friendly office? Enquire about our Decor Neptune Blind Fabric today!