Curtains for work spaces

A textile trend

The surge in popularity of curtains and sheers in modern workplace design has prompted Decor Systems to dig beneath the surface and find out the great reasons behind this textile trend.

Domesticate the space

Domestication of the work place is a current buzzword.  Forward thinking companies are attracting and retaining top talent through smart interior design.  Use curtains, cushions and easy chairs to create an ambience which stimulates creativity and makes great business happen.

Sheer elegance

Semi transparent fabrics, sheers and voiles are an elegant and subtle way of providing privacy.  Very effective with frameless glass partitioning, they are the contemporary answer to once-ubiquitous interstitial venetian blinds.

Divide and conquer

Use full height curtains for dividing up open plan spaces.  A soft alternative to fixed partitions and sliding walls, room-divider curtains are a flexible and cost effective way of creating focused spaces and private booths in an open-plan floor plate. 

A wall covering that moves

Not just for windows....curtains make a great wallcovering too, softly breaking harsh expanses of plain wall.  Unlike other types of wall covering, curtains can be moved around.  That's why our clients use them to conceal cupboards, riser doors, whiteboards, screens or anything else which might need to be accessed.  Landlords love them too as they are easily removed at the end of a tenure.

Unique to you

There are literally thousands of different fabrics from gossamer thin sheers to plush figured velvets.  Combine these with a selection of heading styles, feature panels and linings to create your own unique look and feel.  All the major curtain fabric brands also produce upholstery fabrics, so you can contrast and coordinate perfectly with your banquette seating, easy chairs and scatter cushions.

A sound proposition

Curtains also have a massive impact on acoustics.   Soft folds of highly absorbent material effectively trap reverb and instantly improve concentration and clarity of communication in your workplace.   Use them in phone booths and one to one meeting rooms to deaden echo and allow staff to express themselves effectively in total privacy.

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