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Screen fabrics have an element of openness in the weave, making them ideal for large areas of glazing where they help attenuate the light without losing visual contact with the outside world. Frequently used in atriums, circulation spaces and on naturally shaded elevations, they make a positive contribution to the visual, thermal and acoustic environment without any ‘shut-in’ feeling associated with opaque fabrics.


Decor Alfresco is for that outdoor feeling. This superb sunscreen fabric allows the user to see outside even when the blinds are closed.  Of course, Alfresco shades from heat and glare too - its closely-woven reinforced yarns providing a highly durable shield for the interior of your building.

If you’re looking for tha...

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Decor Arctic is a premium sunscreen fabric. The highly durable fibreglass reinforced cloth comes in four different openness factors, allowing the specifier to balance the requirements of glare control and outward vision according to the situation.

A wide roll width makes it suitable for the largest roller blinds, without needing joins...

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Finesse is sunscreen blind fabric which controls glare and heat whilst keeping a view out.  The innovative twill weave creates a bi-colour fabric with a pale reverse across all colours.  This improves the energy saving performance for the darker colours and also enables you to mix interior colours and still have a consistent look fr...

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Harmony is a high performance sunscreen fabric available in 2% and 5% openness factors. The distinctive perforated texture allows a view to outside while the high tech metallised backing effectively reflects unwanted solar energy.

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Helix is a ultra high performance solar shading fabric with best in class thermal reflectivity. Advanced vacuum deposition technology is used to create a metallised face which is an effective reflector of solar energy, cutting the load on cooling systems and minimising glare to provide a comfortable environment. Another benefit of the metalli...

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Decor Monaco is a polyester reinforced basketweave screen fabric. Available in seven neutral colours and three openness factors, Monaco combines effective solar control with subtle elegance.

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neptune roller blind fabric made from 100% recycled plastic for smart commercial office blinds


Neptune is a sunscreen blind fabric made entirely from recycled plastic waste, including plastic collected from the ocean. With cradle to cradle Bronze certification, this is the perfect blind fabric for environmentally responsible organisations.

A choice of three openness factors and 10 neutral colourways allows you to...

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Verve is the ultimate high-performance shading fabric, saving energy yet maximising natural light. Thanks to a metallised outer face, Verve combines excellent heat reflective properties with good glare control, across the whole colour range and still retains clear outward vision. A fibreglass reinforced yarn gives it dimensional stability for...

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Vista is a high performance solar shading fabric with a metallised reverse. The fibreglass-free basketweave structure allows a view to outside. The metallised face is an effective reflector of solar energy, cutting the load on cooling systems and minimising glare to provide a comfortable environment.

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Zenith is a micro-perforated textile which allows outward visibility whilst effectively controlling heat and glare.
The fabric’s unique polyester reinforcing is not damaged by bending, unlike fibreglass yarns, retaining its pristine condition throughout the life of the blind.

Durability is further enhanced by the smooth pol...

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