AlignMatic Self-aligning Manual Roller Blind

AlignMatic® is a truly innovative manual roller blind system with a patented mechanism which only allows the blind to stop in specific pre-determined positions. This ensures that your building always has a neat symmetrical appearance with all the blinds horizontally aligned. Designed specially for prestige locations where visual appearance and aesthetics are key.

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    AlignMatic Self-aligning Manual Roller Blind
    Default Closed

    When the operating chain is released the blind automatically moves down towards the closed position.

    Default Open

    When the operating chain is released the blind automatically moves up towards the open position.


    Configured so that the blind automatically stops at each preset position.


    Configured so that the blind only stops at the preset position if the user manually intervenes by holding the chain out.


    Top Profiles

    Mounting Profile

    For fixing to plasterboard substrates, to spread the operating load across the full width of the blind. 


    A fascia neatly conceals the mechanism and brackets and closes the gap above the blind.


    Recess profile for concealing a blind within a ceiling with SpeedClip™ brackets for easy no-drill mounting.

    Side Guides and Channels

    Without Guides
    Wire Guides

    Discreet and cost effective stainless steel cable guides the hem bar.

    Track Guides

    Robust aluminium profile guides the hem bar and minimises the gap between the fabric and the window reveal.

    Hem Bar Styles

    Round Profile

    Stylish tubular aluminium profile for a contemporary look.

    Sealed Pocket

    Classic minimalist look with rigid hem bar enclosed completely in a sealed fabric pocket.

    Hem Bar Finishes

    Silver Anodised

    Cool and contemporary.

    White Powdercoated

    Clean and clinical.

    Custom RAL Powdercoated

    Colourful and coordinated.


    Multiple linked

    A single control operates two or more blinds.

    Standard Roll

    Conventional configuration. Fabric rolls off the rear of the roller, closest to the glazing.

    Reverse Roll

    Fabric rolls off the front of the roller, giving extra clearance for window handles or other obstructions.