wood venetian blinds to london offices

Mindspace Aldgate

Mindspace are creating fabulous co-working offices in cities across the globe.  For their second office in London, situated near the financial district in Aldgate they turned to Decor Systems for some stylish timber venetian blinds.

The interiors of Mindspace offices are specially designed to spark creativity and innovation among their patrons, and are absolutely full of quirky and original touches.

For the blinds they went with a gloss black timber slat, which resonates perfectly with their black framed partitions and timber floors.

Parts of the facade on this stunning building slopes gently outwards.  The blinds on these facades had guide wires to hold them parallel with the sloping facade.

The decor 250 venetian blinds were chosen with a 50mm wide timber slat and colour-coordinated cords and acorns.   They range is available in many natural timber finishes as well as flat colours in high gloss or satin finishes.

Although roller blinds are more widely used in offices nowadays, venetian blinds are still regarded as the most efficent type of blinds for offices as they can be adjusted from virtually zero light transmittance through to nearly 100% .  The slats can be tilted to a precise angle to block direct sunlight but still allow plenty of natural daylight into the office reflected off the slats.