Perimeos Ceiling Recess

Perimeos® is a revolutionary ceiling perimeter solution, for concealing blinds and curtain tracks. A key feature is the SpeedClip™ mounting channel. This allows the Perimeos recess profile to be installed along with the ceiling. Blinds or curtain tracks can then be easily installed later without any mess or drilling. The strong aluminium profile enables you to create a much slimmer and neater pocket than would be possible with conventional drylining methods.

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    Perimeos Ceiling Recess

    Transition Types


    Suitable for suspended ceilings, a plain 25mm edge allows the tiles and tee sections to rest on it.

    Horizontal Drylining

    For plasterboard MF ceilings, the transition acts as a stop beading and is keyed ready for skim.

    Vertical Drylining

    For bulkhead style situations where the plasterboard meets the box vertically.

    Fascia Profile

    For exposed soffit situations, a neat fascia profile clips to the visible face.


    Curtain Track Profile

    Add a recessed curtain track to the front or back of the box with this neat transition.

    Bridge Profile

    The bridge profile is a spacer extrusion which can accept a decorative filler to create stunning effects in timber, metal, acrylic, fabric
    and more.

    Side Channels

    To create a full blackout blind, add side channels which neatly integrate with the main Perimeos profile.

    Perimeter Lighting

    For a soft backdrop lighting effect, Perimeos® can accept LED strip lighting and neatly conceals the cabling and drivers.

    Cable Management

    For motorised blinds, a cable containment profile keeps the power and control wiring safely out of sight.

    SpeedClip™ Bracket

    Blinds and curtain tracks are mounted via the innovative SpeedClip™ bracket which allows products to be installed and removed without any mess or drilling.

    Splice Plates

    Steel splice plates can be used inside or outside the box to provide a perfectly flush join. A right angled version is used for corners.

    Hardware Finishes

    White Powdercoated

    Standard finish is RAL 9016 White

    Custom Paint

    Wet spray to any Dulux or NCS colour reference to match in with your decor.

    Custom Metallic

    A range of special anodised and metallic powdercoat finishes.